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Ray Immell | President and CEO

As President Ray Immell brings his many years of developmental experience in anechoic chambers and radar test systems to the front office. Ray has been instrumental in providing innovative solutions to many of our customers most pressing radar measurement problems. He was instrumental in development of airborne air imaging systems and is fully credited with the planning, acquisition, and development of the Radar Test Bed under Prime Contract to the US Air Force.


Steve Brumley | Vice President and Chief Technical Manager

As Vice President and Chief Technical Manager Steve is guiding the development and delivery of RCS measurement and LO engineering support to numerous Government and private industry organizations throughout the United States. Steve is a past President and Vice President of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) in 1993 and 1991-92 respectively and a current AMTA Fellow. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (APS) and has been an APS magazine editor and paper reviewer.

He has worked actively in the areas of anechoic chamber design, compact range system design, antenna design and test, radar and instrumentation system design, RCS measurement technologies and satellite antenna payload test methodologies. During his engineering career, he has been involved with the design, construction or testing of over 50 different RCS and antenna indoor or outdoor static and dynamic test facilities. He has over 50 paper publications and has taught three different Short Courses for AMTA.


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